Wall models

The wall models are traditionally the core of the Florigo sales in Holland. With regard to the technical features it is undoubtedly a very modern product. The choice of options allows practically every composition, size and measurement. In addition all models are available in gas, LPG or electric.

Individual requirements

It applies for each type of frying range or fryer, also counter/island and HE-Plus models, that the layout is designed around the customer's requirements. After all, each Fish & Chip shop, snackbar/cafeteria owner has his/her own ideas. In addition to everyone's individual requirements there is allways experienced technical and operational advice to help choose the correct model and layout.

Wall fryer basic model

Advice on choosing

It can sometimes be difficult to make a definite choice, because a seamless installation of an apparently unlimited range of options is possible nowadays. Selection is made even more difficult because wall fryers no longer have to be in one long frying line, but can also be constructed in an angle shape.
This is why after deciding what is required Florigo technicians use a computerized AutoCAD system to draft a drawing on which the requirements of the customer can clearly be layed out. When the model and options have been decided, then the production can be started.

U-shape wall fryer

Quality first

The trade mark of Florigo is quality. Manufacturing the best-engineered product on the market for some fifty years. This has meant that not only has Florigo invested in personnel, but as a manufacturer, in machines. Professionals with the aid of the latest CAD-CAM controlled metal working machines assemble the fryers and frying ranges designed on the computer in a state of the art factory.

Angle-profile wall fryer

Manufacturing under own management

The best product on the market automatically means the best raw material and components. The frying pans, the 'heart' of every frying range, are manufactured completely under own management. There is a choice of rectangular with or without baskets. Round pans are available in 2 sizes with a diameter of 38 or 44 cm respectively. There is also the High Efficiency Plus pan suitable for frying large volumes of raw/chilled/frozen chips or French fries, fish and snacks. For further information on this, see the section on HE-Plus models.

Electric bistro wall model

Increasing users ease

The application of more and more electronics in frying ranges has led in practice in recent years to the equipment being much easier to use and train on.
Florigo was the first company to introduce a fat/oil filtration system and this is provided with a powerful pump including a fully insulated and heated pipe-circuit. Stainless steel filter and dumptank complement the system. Together with the built-in fat/oil filtration system, the snack computers with timers, electronic control for pans, griddles, bain maries, chipboxes and fish cabinets, the Florigo range has become so simple to operate that everyone can quickly learn to manage the equipment. All of this results in constant high quality food product.

Wallrange UK-model